Bentley's EV Plans

Bentley's EV Plans

Bentley's EV plan focuses on a comprehensive transition to electrification over the coming years. The company has set ambitious targets to offer a full range of hybrid and electric vehicles by 2026, with the aim of becoming a fully electric car manufacturer by 2030. Bentley's EV plan aligns with the broader goals of the Volkswagen Group, Bentley's parent company, which has committed to significant investment in electric mobility.

As part of its EV plan, Bentley will introduce plug-in hybrid versions of its existing models, allowing customers to experience the benefits of electric power while still having the option of an internal combustion engine. These plug-in hybrid models will serve as a stepping stone towards Bentley's ultimate goal of an all-electric range.

In terms of technology, Bentley is expected to take advantage of advances made within the Volkswagen Group, including the development of modular electric platforms that can be adapted to different vehicle types. This platform flexibility will enable Bentley to design and produce electric vehicles that meet the brand's standards of luxury, performance and craftsmanship.

To support its EV plan, Bentley is investing in research and development, including the establishment of an electrification engineering centre of excellence. This dedicated facility will focus on the development of electric powertrain technology, battery systems and overall vehicle integration. Bentley's engineers and designers are working diligently to ensure that the transition to electric power not only preserves the brand's iconic characteristics, but also enhances the driving experience and performance.

In addition, Bentley is actively working with partners and stakeholders to expand the charging infrastructure necessary for electric vehicle ownership. This includes participating in initiatives to increase the availability of fast-charging stations to ensure that Bentley owners have convenient access to charging facilities both at home and on the move.

By embracing electrification, Bentley aims to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to the wider decarbonisation efforts within the automotive industry. The company recognises the importance of sustainable practices, not only in terms of vehicle emissions, but also in its manufacturing processes and supply chain.

In summary, Bentley's EV plan is a strategic and ambitious commitment to electric mobility. With a clear timeline for electrification, investment in technology and a commitment to maintaining the brand's legacy of luxury and performance, Bentley is poised to make a significant impact on the electric vehicle market. As the automotive industry evolves, Bentley is determined to lead the way in delivering exquisite electric vehicles that satisfy the discerning tastes of luxury car enthusiasts while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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