VW: ID Life is coming as ID.2, 

VW: ID Life is coming as ID.2, 

At Volkswagen's annual general meeting, Porsche boss Oliver Blume, who is responsible for production on the group's board of management, spoke openly about VW's micro and small car strategy.

According to this, the small electric car known so far as the ID Life is to be launched in 2025 under the abbreviation ID.2.

Rumours that the small electric car, which was shown for the first time at the IAA last year, will be built outside Europe for cost reasons, were described by Blume as "incorrect": The vehicle is "still intended for production in Europe in the current planning round", he clarified. The ID.2 is likely to be built together with its sister model Cupra Urban Rebel at Seat in Spain, as Automobilwoche reports.

To continue to have an affordable, small electric car in the range until 2025, the e-Up, which was already introduced in 2013, is to be produced until the end of 2025, as Sales Director Hildegard Wortmann announced. "The e-Up will continue to be built for another two and a half years," she said. The model is still based on an old combustion engine platform (PQ12), which had to be extensively adapted for electrification.

VW ID.1 "currently still a product idea"
Thanks in part to its low entry price of just over 22,000 euros, the e-Up meanwhile developed into a sales hit, with delivery times of up to 16 months. At the end of 2020, Volkswagen therefore temporarily took the popular model out of the range - and only reopened the order books a few months ago.

Blume replied to a shareholder's question that VW is also planning an electric car below the ID.2, logically called the ID.1. The concept, which is "currently still a product idea", is currently being discussed intensively, he said. "But no decision has been made yet".

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