Indi EV One: Prices and Details

Indi EV One: Prices and Details

The electric car is to be delivered in the second quarter of 2023.

The Indi One from the Californian start-up Indi EV is supposed to be an electric vehicle that is not only locally emission-free. It is also the first vehicle to be equipped with a vehicle-integrated computer (VIC) that is suitable for high-end games. In part, the company is trying to compete with the Tesla Model Y. Will it succeed? We look at the known facts.

Currently, the Indi EV One can be reserved with a rear engine or all-wheel drive. After the reservation phase, the single-engine version will go on sale for 45,000 US dollars (approx. 41,600 euros). The premium model with an all-wheel-drive will cost 69,000 US dollars (63,800 euros). At a later date, the electric car will also be offered in Europe. For each reservation, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Global Green, a leader in promoting sustainable and resilient communities for more than 25 years. As part of the initial model launch, every customer who pre-orders a vehicle will receive a limited edition gift associated with their chosen colour and trim level. Customers can choose from nine limited-edition exterior colours inspired by the Southern California sun, surf and entertainment culture. The interior colour is a combination of white and black.

The start-up states that the Indi One is unlike any other electric vehicle on the market. Which, they say, is made possible by Indi EV's expressive design philosophy and a sophisticated technology platform. By providing a digital toolbox, the company gives owners the ability to customise the car experience without compromising their individuality.

The question will be whether the start-up can deliver on its many promises of customisation. For example, it should be possible to change the sound of the horn, install a dog gate in the boot or tune the vehicle so that it becomes the ultimate mobile content creation station. The basis for all these possibilities is said to be the Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC), the first integrated computer in a vehicle, which enables high-end games and much more. Supported by an open network and a software development kit (SDK) for third-party developers, the VIC offers a range of media hardware and services, including Life Assistant, a personalised virtual assistant that learns habits and improves the driver's life.

VIC's advanced software allows passengers to play the latest generation games, record content while driving thanks to the interior and exterior cameras, stream videos live and even shoot, edit and upload content to the cloud - all from the vehicle. The interior of the Indi One takes full advantage of the design freedom that electrification offers. It comes with a minimalist cabin that uses many sustainable, recycled materials, complemented by a panoramic sunroof. The flat cab floor offers passengers plenty of legroom and, behind the second row, a cargo area with a capacity of 4.5 metres. The dashboard screen features the speedometer and range indicator, while the rest of the dash features a 15-inch screen in the centre for infotainment and navigation and a 15-inch screen on the right for passengers.

The Stromer rides on an adjustable air suspension with all-wheel drive (AWD) and is available in a range of battery options. The base model has a 75 kW battery with a range of 370 kilometres; the premium models are powered by a 95 kW battery that gives a range of 480 kilometres and delivers 470 hp and 730 NM of torque for a top speed of 210 km/h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 4.2 seconds.

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