Electric Brands:  €2.00 per 100 kilometres on the road

Electric Brands:  €2.00 per 100 kilometres on the road

"Thinking differently about e-mobility" is what Electric Brands, the company behind the modular light electric vehicle XBUS from Germany, is striving for. This is what their CEO Martin Henne has already told us in the podcast. Until their e-vehicle, which can be many things: electric convertible, e-off-roader, electric transporter with box body, an all-electric station wagon, or even an electrified pickup, panel van or camping bus, they will add more e-vehicles to their range.

In addition to the modular XBUS, which will be launched next year, the company is adding further electric vehicles to its portfolio. From April, the company will distribute the Italian brand NITO and sell three state-of-the-art electric scooters through its distribution network in Europe.  Electric Brands says it has won exclusive sales and service rights for Italian company NITO's electric two-wheelers for the EMEA region. This includes the European, Arabian and African markets.

A total of three two-wheelers will be included in the company's range. Among them is the N1e e-scooter. It is intended as a scooter for daily city traffic. With a speed of 20 km/h due to the 240-watt motor and a range of 20 kilometres, the manufacturer promises a performance designed for urban areas. The range is complemented by two traditional e-scooters, the NES5 and NES10, in classic Italian design.

As NITO explains on its website, the NES5 with its 4 kW 45 km/h motor has a range of 90 kilometres. With the NES10, the big brother is also added to the portfolio, this is also powered by a 4 kW motor. This brings it to a top speed of 90 km/h with a range of up to 80 kilometres. Furthermore, it is said that a car driving licence and a few driving lessons are enough to be able to ride the NES10, which is equivalent to a 125cc class. In this context, the company brings into play the cost per 100 kilometres. According to NITO, this costs just €1.60 per full charge. So the cost per 100 kilometres is just €2.00 per 100 kilometres. According to Electric Brands, this would be extremely cheap to run and a serious alternative to the passenger car in urban traffic.

The three electric vehicles will be available exclusively through the network of around 800 ElectricBrands dealers. The N1e is already available for € 1,170, the e-scooter NES5 for € 5,800 and the NES10 for € 6,160 plus VAT. From May, they can be pre-ordered from selected sales partners throughout Europe. Service and spare parts will then also be available locally.

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