2023 Honda Civic Type R: Specifications, price, release date 2021-01-15

2023 Honda Civic Type R: Specifications, price, release date 2021-01-15

The Honda Civic Type R celebrates its first official public debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022.

We check out horsepower, price as well as the availability of the GT trim!

The eleventh generation of the Honda Civic, which was presented in 2021, will be followed by the next Honda Civic Type R at the end of 2022.

 Honda promises the "best performing Civic Type R" with the new generation, according to the wording in the announcement. The compact sports car will soon be sent to the Green Hell for the Nürburgring test drives that have become customary in the industry. However, a lot can already be said about the design of the new model. The new Civic is moving away from the classic hatchback toward a fastback. 

 Prototype photos show the compact sports car on test drives in southern Europe with the usual large spoiler. Fortunately, the three side-by-side tailpipes also leap the next generation of the Honda Civic Type R (2022). The only difference is that the central pipe is now larger than the adjacent ones.

The "Active Sound Control" will probably also be used again, which will dampen or boost the engine sound in the interior depending on the driving mode. Speaking of the interior, fans can expect a somewhat less playful, more straightforward, but still sporty look.

The six-speed manual transmission will probably remain. It will send the power of the roughly 340-hp four-cylinder to the front wheels, as usual, enabling sprint times of about 5.5 seconds to 100 km/h. 

The price of the Honda Civic Type R (2022) will remain the same. Given the predecessor, which starts at 38,550£  (as of January 2022), an entry price of around 40,000 £  would be quite realistic. 

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