Mini offers a different model than we are used to on many fronts.

  Mini offers a different model than we are used to on many fronts.

The Mini Aceman is different in many ways:

The Mini has a relatively uncluttered model lineup. There are three-door, open version and five-door. There is also the Clubman, and it is not yet clear whether this station wagon will be its successor. Those who want to drive an electric car can go for the Mini Electric, and those looking for the higher end will choose the Countryman. In the near future, everything remains open, only things will change. For example, the next three-door Mini will likely gain reinforcement in the compact ranks, at the expense of the five-door Mini and Clubman. With the Aceman, Mini is pushing the foot alternative a bit higher for those who find the Countryman too big, but like a five-door. It may be somewhat reminiscent of the not-so-successful Paceman from 2012, although the almost eponymous Aceman has two more doors.

 In short, it is a sibling to the Countryman, all about the "Mini new style. In fact, the working model Concept Aceman introduced a new design language for the brand that included an octagonal rather than hexagonal "grill," more pointed headlights and more emphasis on curves rather than curves. Despite a slightly different design direction, it is definitely Mini. Although slightly rearranged, some typical Mini items return in the Aceman, such as the "Union Jack taillights" and dark window pillars.Mini Aceman

The necessary "adventure" dressing is clearly in there, because a small pass can't live without it. Thus, the Aceman gets quite angular plastic trim around the wheel arches and the lower part of the front and rear bumper. Mini put a lot of emphasis on roof racks when presenting the concept version, so perhaps they will find their place as an option in the production model. For now, our illustrator presented the Aceman without this roof rack. Inside, the Aceman promises to be quite minimalist. Rely on the large round infotainment screen in the middle of a fairly empty dashboard; below it is a small set of buttons for climate control, among other things. No doubt, the interior is reusable in numerous contrasting colors and the upholstery is made of durable materials.


Electric only:
Almost any compact crossover is a potential sales topper, especially if it has an electric powertrain in addition to a fuel engine. Take the Peugeot 2008, for example. The Aceman, slightly closer in size to the 2008, keeps it more limited in options. Soon, by definition, it will be electric. Although there is talk of a new platform for the new three-door on which the Aceman can stand, it is still somewhat controversial what base Mini will use for it. One might consider borrowing technology from the next Countryman, which will be marketed as all-electric in addition to fuel engines. This Countryman is the cousin of the BMW X1 and the electric iX1. Mini says it will come out with new models starting in 2023, possibly starting with the new three-door. The new Countryman has also been spotted a few times, so it could arrive as early as next year. Aceman is behind this, which we don't expect to see until 2024 at the earliest.


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