MINI Aceman: E-Crossover with over 400 km range

MINI Aceman: E-Crossover with over 400 km range

At the end of next year, the eagerly awaited new Mini generation will be launched.

While the combustion engines continue to roll out of Oxford in the UK, the electric models from China are set to conquer the new automotive world. Among other things, the MINI Aceman is expected to hit the road as an electric crossover in series production with two battery variants. The electric vehicle will be positioned between the five-door MINI Hatchback and the Countryman.

The exterior design of the Aceman is typical MINI and even more purist than before. The only surprise is that MINI seriously intends to offer the SUV, which is just over four metres long, as a five-seater. The Aceman will be distinguished from the upcoming Golf small car variant by a higher vehicle height and the chunky plastic trim on the wheel arches. Both cars are to get MINI's Union Jack taillight motif.

There will be no five-door, all-electric Cooper as the Aceman will take over the duties of a five-door "small MINI", Auto Express has learned. Inside, the Aceman will offer considerably more space than the MINI Cooper SE. At the same time, however, it will leave room for the next generation of the MINI Countryman. According to rumours, there could be two battery sizes and two performance levels for the Aceman. An entry-level model with a 40-kWh battery, about 180 hp and a range of up to 320 kilometres, and a larger 50-kWh battery with a more powerful engine producing about 215 hp and a range of about 400 km.

Compared to the concept car unveiled in the summer, some stylistic elements from the concept will probably be carried over into series production. For example, the MINI Aceman will have a similar headlight shape to the concept. As with the concept car, the upper radiator grille is concealed, with a second grille opening below it, as AutoExpress is able to report from a first look at the prototypes.

Otherwise, the Aceman looks fairly conventional - the rear bumper has a rather plain design and there is only a small roof spoiler. For the technical data, there is some conjecture as previously listed, but no hard facts yet. Except for the fact that the car is based on MINI's new all-electric platform, which will also be used for the next MINI Hatch in 2023. This suggests that the Aceman will be built in China. The production version of the Aceman is expected to be launched in late 2023 before going on sale in 2024.


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