Microlino  -  Pricing starts at 12,500 euros

Microlino  -  Pricing starts at 12,500 euros

More than 30,000 reservations have been made for the Microlino 2.0. Owners can configure their Microlino. today.

The electric vehicle, which is positioned between a motorbike and a car, can be customised today via the configurator. The e-vehicle comes with a nominal power of 12.5 kW, a boot capacity of 230 l and a range of up to 230 km.

As the family-owned company from Switzerland explains, these technical data make the Microlino the best in class in the European vehicle categories L7e and L6e. It is also the only vehicle in this category to have a self-supporting body, which improves quality, durability and safety compared to conventional tubular frames that are normally used.

The Microlino is said to be available in four different editions, with each version designed to meet a specific need, each with a completely different look and feel. In Switzerland, the Microlino configurator goes online. There, the Stromer is available from 14,990 CHF including VAT. In Europe, prices start at around 12,500 EUR excluding VAT. The exact list prices including VAT will be announced shortly before the official market launch in the various countries.

Those who come from Switzerland and choose a Pioneer series will certainly be among the first customers, especially if they also opt for Pioneer membership, according to Micro Mobility. In other countries such as Germany, delivery at the end of 2022 also still seems possible.

"Despite the challenge en in global supply chains, the multiplication of prices for certain raw materials and the doubling of battery prices, we are satisfied to bring a high-quality and unique electric light vehicle to the market at an affordable price." - Merlin Ouboter, Co-Founder Microlino

The Pioneer Series will be limited to 999 vehicles as a tribute to the company's first innovation, the Kickscooter, invented by the father of the two founders in 1999. Each vehicle of the limited introductory version has its number, which is visible on the inside. The Pioneer Series is priced at CHF 20,990 incl. VAT or around EUR 18,500 excl. VAT in European countries.

"The Pioneer Series is for true pioneers who want to help make mobility more environmentally friendly and space-saving. Because let's face it: we need to make mobility not only electric but also lighter and smaller," says Wim Ouboter, who founded Micro in 1999. For Swiss customers, a deposit of CHF 500 is required to secure a place on the waiting list. The company goes on to say that following their location, configuration and reservation date, they will be selected to place their final order.

For the time being, customers outside Switzerland can use the configurator and make a reservation without paying a deposit. As soon as deliveries are due in a market, these customers will also have to pay a deposit to secure their place in the queue. The next markets where the Microlino will be introduced are Germany and Italy.

Up to 1,500 units are expected to be produced this year in a factory that the Swiss company operates with its partner CECOMP in Turin, Italy. Eventually, the company will be able to produce up to 10,000 vehicles per year at this factory. "The demand we see is huge and we are considering increasing our capacity even more in the future. For this year, however, we are focusing on quality, not quantity," concludes Oliver Ouboter, co-founder of Microlino.

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