Genesis launches    uninterrupted charging service in Europe

Genesis launches    uninterrupted charging service in Europe

Those who can offer a complete package have a clear advantage. This has been recognised by e-vehicle manufacturers as well as charging point operators. Shell Recharge Solutions - which claims to be the world's leading provider of intelligent charging solutions for e-cars - is now cooperating with Genesis Motor Europe, a newcomer to the European e-car market. The aim is to be able to offer an end-to-end charging solution - from home to public fast charging stations. This was announced by Shell Recharge Solutions in a recent press release.

Genesis, a Korean provider of premium electric cars, is just about to conquer Europe with its luxury vehicles. The model range is impressive: five premium luxury cars were launched in 2021, with three e-cars to follow in 2022. From 2025, all Genesis vehicles will be emission-free, and by 2035 the entire company will be carbon neutral. In its drive to offer its customers more service than the competition, Genesis is now offering its customers in Germany, Switzerland and the UK a comprehensive charging solution for e-cars: a smart charging station from Shell Recharge Solutions and access to more than 300,000 charging points across Europe.

The service includes the installation of a home charging point, smart services such as data insights or payment processes, and the Shell Recharge charging card or app, which can be used to access 300,000 charging points in more than 35 European countries. This ensures seamless charging of Genesis vehicles at home and in public. This makes the switch easier and should attract new customer strata to electric mobility.

"We want to remove hurdles in the adoption of e-cars and offer customers a seamless experience. We want to offer our customers a charging solution that is easy to integrate into their lives, which is why we chose Shell Recharge Solutions as our partner," explains Dominique Boesch, Managing Director at Genesis Motor Europe.

But that's not all: the two Neo partners are additionally working together on a number of innovations for user-friendly charging. These include, for example, an integrated function in the Genesis infotainment system for finding charging points in public spaces.

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