Continental introduces two new sensors to protect e-car batteries

Continental introduces two new sensors to protect e-car batteries

Automotive supplier Continental has expanded its sensor portfolio with two new sensors for electric cars: the current sensor module and battery impact detection

. Both new solutions focus on battery protection and/or preservation of battery characteristics. Continental plans to start production of the new current sensor module this year, the company said in a recent statement. This compact modular sensor design measures the current and simultaneously records the temperature. Both values are of great importance as input variables for battery management. Continental is also launching another element for battery protection: battery impact detection is intended to be a lightweight alternative to heavy "underbody armour" against damage.

n view of the fact that the battery is the most expensive component in an electric car, the current sensor module was developed not only to protect the battery from overcurrent but also to preserve battery properties by limiting ageing effects.

Integrated either in the so-called Battery Disconnect Unit or in the battery itself, the current sensor module provides the two crucial pieces of information for the battery protection function and reliable range monitoring. To meet the stringent functional safety requirements, the current sensor module is designed as a dual-channel sensor that independently measures current by integrating shunt and hall technology in a compact, single unit.

Battery impact detection combined with lightweight construction detects underbody intrusions and warns the driver if this necessitates a workshop visit. This relieves the driver of the difficult decision of whether a high-speed impact or low-speed ground contact could have damaged the battery. Compared to the current metal underbody protection, the system can save up to 50 per cent in weight.

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