Audi retains name differentiation of the E-models

Audi retains name differentiation of the E-models

Audi will not follow its market companion Mercedes-Benz and abolish the additional designation for electric models.

Mercedes has decided to discontinue its "EQ" sub-brand over time. Since a distinction between alternative drive and combustion engine by the name is no longer necessary. Audi continues to use "e-tron" as a complementary name.

At the presentation of the Audi activesphere concept, head of design Marc Lichte emphasised that the e-tron badge will remain for the foreseeable future. "No, no, no," he replied when asked about the end of the brand. "I think [e-tron is] a very clear differentiation, and ... there will be further differentiation. But it's too early to talk about that." By the end of 2023, he said, the plan is that there will be further details by which the drive types can be differentiated.

When asked by journalists whether separate designations for internal combustion or hydrogen vehicles are now coming, Lichte dodged the question. One would have to wait and see. Then we would see. About the company's Sphere models, it would be obvious to think further in this direction.

At Mercedes-Benz, the background to the possible abolition of the additional description was that they would switch completely to electric cars before the end of the decade. This would make a separate sub-brand for electric vehicles obsolete. Since there is only one drive system. However, the decision has not yet been finally approved, Handelsblatt points out.

EQ not only unites the company's e-vehicles under one roof but also offers a comprehensive electromobility ecosystem of products, services, technologies and innovations. Mercedes may therefore use the sub-brand for this portfolio in the future.

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