Audi activesphere concept: Maximum variability for active lifestyles

Audi activesphere concept: Maximum variability for active lifestyles


Audi presents the next member of its family of concept cars this week: the Audi activesphere concept. The name gives you a hint: We're talking about a crossover coupé, or at least an off-road vehicle with coupé-like lines. The headlight signature is similar to that of the Audi Skysphere concept, which further emphasises the sporty note. In addition, the concept vehicle is supposed to offer maximum variability for an active lifestyle.

As the carmaker points out, the Audi activesphere concept offers ultimate freedom. At the same time, it is the perfect companion for ambitious outdoor adventures. Activities such as water sports, skiing, golf and challenging mountain routes are no problem.  

What all "Sphere" concepts have in common is not only the electric drive but also the consistent design for the possibility of automated driving. This technical layout results in completely new designs, especially of the interior spaces and the offers for the people on board to use their time productively or simply to enjoy themselves. Together, Audi's Sphere concept cars present the vision of tomorrow's premium mobility.

The dimensions fit the brand's purpose: the study will be about as long as an Audi A7 and thus won't crack the five-metre mark. It is clear that the drive will be electric, b The rounder forms of the studies that have appeared so far do not fit in with this. The fact that this Sphere representative can also drive automatically - presumably level 4 - is also a given.

What has not yet been clarified, however, is the question of which platform the Activesphere will stand on. The other three brothers use the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which Audi and Porsche are jointly developing and which forms the basis for the electric cars. Now that four concept cards are on the table and mity concepts are constantly changing, the last question to be answered is which of the studies will make the leap into automotive reality.

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