2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 gets bigger battery, better suspension and digital mirrors,

2023 Hyundai Ioniq 5 gets bigger battery, better suspension and digital mirrors,

The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has announced some improvements for the Ioniq 5 for the new model year.

Accordingly, the updated Ioniq 5 is equipped with a new 77.4 kWh battery and thus has a good five kilowatt-hours more battery capacity. The smaller battery option remains at 58 kWh energy content. In addition, the battery can also be preconditioned in the future, according to Hyundai in a recent press release: If a route to a quick-charging station is planned in the navigation system, the battery will be heated or cooled on the way there in the future so that it is within the optimal temperature range at the start of the charging process.

In addition, the car will be equipped with several new functions and features intended to improve the driving experience. The Smart Frequency Dampers (SFD) function, for example, is designed to optimize the response of the front and rear axle suspension in favor of greater driving comfort. Hyundai is reacting to feedback from some tests. Again and again, it was criticized that the Ioniq 5 transmits short and fast impacts too hard to the interior.

The updated Ioniq 5 will also be equipped with video-based digital interior and exterior mirrors for the first time. The Digital Center Mirror (DCM) optimizes the view centrally to the rear as it offers an unobstructed, rear-facing panoramic view. The DCM camera is located under the rear spoiler of the Ioniq 5. Hyundai will also offer side mirrors (Digital Side Mirrors) in the future. The function is already available for Korean Ioniq 5 models. The DSM reduces drag and offers drivers a clear view even in bad weather. The manufacturer has not yet announced how expensive the new options are.

In terms of design, the updated Ioniq 5 will offer new combination options, such as unpainted black bumpers with black trimmings combined with LED lighting. Hyundai has not yet published any prices or pictures.

“In the 12 months since its launch, the Ioniq 5 has proven extremely successful, both in terms of sales and branding,” said Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, vice president of marketing and product at Hyundai Motor Europe. "The segment is becoming increasingly competitive and we will offer enhanced capabilities to defend our position as a technology leader in the automotive industry."

The updated Ioniq 5 will be available to customers in Europe from the second half of 2022. Hyundai launched the Ioniq 5 worldwide in February 2021. The first model, based on Hyundai Motor Group's first dedicated BEV platform, the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), has proved popular with journalists and Hyundai customers alike. Over the past year, Ioniq 5 has won several industry awards, with a total of 30 wins across Europe, including Car of the Year in Germany.

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